Saturday, 15 March 2014

Sherry in Japan

Japan has really taken to Sherry. The market there is now in the top ten export markets showing consistent growth over the last five years. And it is different to the traditional markets such as the UK, Germany and Holland, taking Sherry seriously, like in the USA. In Japan Fino is king, accounting for about 50% of imports, in fact the dry styles account for about 80%, with PX and Moscatel accounting for about 7%, and the rest, 13%.

No less than 25 bodegas now export to Japan, where one can find up to 200 brands available. In fact the “Sherry Bar” in Ginzha, Tokyo holds the Guinness record for the highest number of Sherries available in a bar – 227! Sherry is now essential in any bar of standing, where it is quite often dispensed with a venencia. 

(Diario de Jerez)
The growth of Spanish style tapas bars and cocktails has led this increase in popularity, as has the Consejo’s introduction of an official qualification for venenciadores, of whom there are now about 120! This naturally attracts attention and curiosity and is an effective sales tool. Since 2002 the Consejo has had a permanent representative in Japan, whose job is to promote and develop Sherry there. There is also a Sherry Cocktail Competition.

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