Saturday, 29 March 2014

29.3.14 Tio Pepe Sign Nearly Ready

The illuminated Tio Pepe advert which for 80 years stood at no. 1, Puerta del Sol in Madrid, should be back in place – though atop a different building, number 11 – by the end of May. After lengthy negotiations about a new site and skilful restoration work, Tio Pepe will be once more looking his best. The company responsible for the restoration, Spoluz, allowed the press to view some of the work completed so far, and it looks splendid. After 80 years exposed to the elements, the sign needed a lot of sanding and re-painting, all extremely carefully by hand, and 12 people have been working on it over the last 4 months.

(Imagen Diario Jerez)

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