Friday, 7 February 2014

PX Nectar 15%, Gonzalez Byass

Very deep transparent blacky burnt umber through to yellow at rim, pronounced legs.
Very tangy and rich with raisins and lots of dried fruits, figs, dates, Christmas pudding, a hint of walnuts, then a savoury note and touches of coffee with milk, caramel and rum and raisin chocolate, not especially complex, but very good for its age.
Intensely sweet and fruity with lots of dried fruit texture, tangy dates and figs, and the more phenolic notes of mocha, chocolate, but less phenolic than older examples. This is exuberantly youthful, light, very smooth - almost creamy - with a long tangy finish.
Previously known as Nectar Cream, this is a classic young PX, and is the entry level PX from the firm, and contains about 370 grams per litre sugar (some contain nearly 500!) but this is fructose. Aged for 8-9 years this is a youngster, but one with immense potential. Some of the wine drawn from this solera then goes to other soleras, such as Noe.
 £12-15 UK Distributor Gonzalez Byass

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