Saturday, 1 February 2014

1.2.14 Erotic Tapas Route!

We have wine routes, vineyard routes, tapas routes, and now we have an erotic tapas route! Yes, that’s right, and it is to be found/experienced/enjoyed in El Puerto de Santa Maria during the month of February. According to the tourism councillor, Raul Capdevila, this is a daring, innovative venture which shows off the local gastronomy with a varied and enjoyable range of tapas, menus, cocktails and desserts. He hopes it will attract people from all over Andalucia and farther.

This is not a totally new concept, however, as Fuengirola near Malaga has been doing this for at least four years now, not to mention La Palma and a few other places. Take a look online and see some of the tapas, there are some really silly ones!

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