Thursday, 13 February 2014

Manzanilla Solear en Rama 15% Saca de Verano 2013, Barbadillo

Quite deep for a Manzanilla, clean light gold, some legs.
Full and quite intense, lots of dry bitter flor and olive brine and seawater with slight traces of autolysis - evidence of Manzanilla pasada, salty with traces of tarry rope, wood and oxidation, an absolutely classic nose.
Full and tangy, very dry with traces of apple along with the flor bitterness, bitter salted almond and dried flowers and always with the salty seawater in the background, deep complex and very long. Lovely.
After a cool spring, temperatures returned to being more temperate, leaving a decent layer of flor. As usual this eight year old wine was only bottled in half bottles from only about 10 butts, and sealed with a driven agglomerate cork. Each seasonal saca bears on the label a picture of a member of the wildlife to be found in the Coto Donana wildlife reserve opposite Sanlucar, over the Guadalquivir. This time it is a Milano Negro (black kite), a migratory bird of prey which hatches its chicks in the cork and pine forests of  Donana.
10,65 euros in Spain per half bottle.

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