Wednesday, 5 February 2014

5.2.14 Even Locals Drink Little Sherry; New Bottles for Sanchez Romate

This is the cartoon in today's Diario de Jerez, the local daily newspaper. It highlights the fact that few people drink Sherry any more, even the Jerezanos, and that in this, the European City of Wine 2014, something needs to be done.

Customers are asking for gin and tonic, whisky, rum and coke, beer, Rioja, and just one asks for a glass of oloroso... if that's all right, and the barman is amazed.

Stunning new bottles have been announced for Sanchez Romate. They should be available soon, and certainly highlight the quality of their contents. These bottles are for the Reservas Especiales Range, which consists of Don Jose Oloroso, Palo Cortado Regente, PX Cardenal Cisneros, PX Duquesa, Moscatel Ambrosia, Iberia Cream, Fino Marismeno and Amontillado NPU. Let's hope sales take off!

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