Friday, 28 June 2019

La Bota de Fino 91 15%, Equipo Navazos

Bright, yellowy old gold with golden highlights.
Full with fairly intense notes of bitter yeasty almondy flor balancing with slightly buttery oily olive brine notes from the autolysed yeast in the cabezuela and just a trace of toasted nuts creeping in, yet very fresh too. This is a well aged Fino, at least twice the age of the average one, and with real class showing a lovely degree of concentration, yet still very much Fino.
There is just so much flavour here, it is full bodied Macharnudo wine, clean and very complex, with loads of bitter aldehydic strawy savoury saline notes which easily compensate for a fairly low - but quite sufficient - acidity, all of which is perfectly augmented by the rich buttery character and backed up with a dry chalky texture. And it has terrific length.
Released in February 2019, this superb wine is made from grapes grown in the Macharnudo Alto vineyards owned by Grupo Estévez, and it was fermented in butts, and is thus effectively Valdespino. It comes from the same group of butts as many previous releases of La Bota de Fino, but on this occasion the blend was selected from the solera and the first and second criaderas in order to give it freshness and elegance bearing in mind that the wine has an approximate average age of ten years, considerably more than usual for a Fino. There were 5,000 bottles in this saca. There are plenty of Manzanillas Pasadas, but so few Finos in this mature complex style which was once abundant...why?
20 euros, Er Guerrita

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