Friday, 14 June 2019

Carvajal Wines SL

Jaime Carlos de Carvajal Castrillón spent 25 years working for González Byass, as export director and later as director of GB´s successful Tintilla de Rota Project at the Finca Moncloa near Arcos. With many years of experience in the wine trade under his belt, he decided to set up on his own to produce an excellent red wine from Cádiz and he arrived at a deal with Bodegas Barbadillo whereby he was allowed to select and purchase wine from their large stocks to make his own individual blend. The result was 7,000 bottles of the excellent Cobijado 2013, with production doubling in 2015. In 2014 he registered his company Carvajal Wines SL. and the initial 5 year contract with Barbadillo has been renewed.

Sherry is irresistible of course, and so he then signed a deal with Delgado Zuleta in Sanlúcar by which he selected wines from their soleras to sell under his own label and which they bottle for him en rama. He is currently offering Manzanilla, Oloroso and Amontillado, all of very high quality. Recently he has taken on the distribution of the wines of Cayetano del Pino in Jerez  which include a
30 year old Palo Cortado 1/10, a 20 year old Palo Cortado Solera and a 20 year old Amontillado. With the exception of these, which are already bottled for Del Pino by Romate, all the Carvajal Sherries have circus-related imagery on the labels such as a trapeze, a strongman etc., but this in no way implies that the wines are not of serious quality, which they are. He also offers a Rosado called Son de Rosa, produced in Somontano.

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