Saturday, 15 June 2019

Fino en rama 15%, Fernando de Castilla

Brassy mid gold with golden highlights.
Forthcoming and quite full with plenty of slightly almondy and fairly bitter flor along with traces of straw and olive, sourdough bread crust and a certain minerality as well as a faint trace of oxidation; a very Jerez style of Fino.
This is quite a serious wine which has less of that "fluffy" yeastiness than some and has more depth and, despite its modest age, feels more mature. That faint trace of oxidation is very attractive and makes it more complex while is very dry with just a trace of salinity on a very clean finish.
This is the latest release, bottled in March 2019. They also bottle the en rama in autumn. After  fermentation in stainless steel tanks the wine is fortified to 15%, then a short period in sobretablas it goes to the solera. It is bottled with an average age of 4 - 4½ years by which time there is virtually no residual sugar and very low acidity allowing the flor flavours and texture to shine through.
10.75 euros per half bottle, Licores Corredera

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