Sunday, 16 June 2019

Fino 15% 3a saca, Bodega Lorente y Barba

Quite deep for a Fino, pale amber with golden highlights.
Full, complex and very interesting. From the darker colour one would expect it to have some oxidation, and while there is a little in the background it harmonises perfectly with the wine, and the aroma is super fresh with notes of almond, sourdough, a faint salinity and a gentle bitterness from the flor. Ageing has been taken close to the limit of the flor giving superb depth of character.
On the full side, and the fairly intense flavour at the start develops great elegance and the complexity builds as that light oxidative note comes through combining perfectly with the nuts. It is good and dry and fresh with comparatively low acidity yet perfectly balanced and has a long clean finish with a hint of dry albariza texture. Delicious.
This is a textbook example of Fino from Jerez where the flor gets pretty thin or even disappears temporarily during summer and winter allowing a little more oxidation than in Sanlúcar where the flor is constant all year round. It is the third commercial saca of this very fine Fino and comes from butt no 16 of the solera. Only just over a third of the wine (or about 225 litres) is withdrawn at any one time however, so the rest of the wine in the butt can retain its individual character. Each saca is therefore the produce of a single butt and accordingly very small, but the exciting bit is that each butt is very slightly different.
14 euros, Licores Corredera

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