Saturday, 9 June 2018

Vinoble Tastings 2018: Reliquias Líquidas, González Byass

Hosted by González Byass oenologist and master blender Antonio Flores in his inimitable poetic and  humorous manner, this was a fascinating tasting of wines from the firm’s two new ranges of rare wines: Solera Reservada and Vinos Finitos. The Solera Reservada is effectively a club limited to 200 members who can purchase exclusive lots of top notch Sherry released annually along with all sorts of other benefits. The Vinos Finitos is a range of wines which cannot be repeated, either because they are vintage wines or because they come from small one-off lots. 

Fino Almendroso (Solera Reservada) 15%
From butt number 92 in the Tio Pepe Rebollo solera with 4 years solera age, very old butts, hints cabezuela, acetaldehyde not excessive, quite full, saline and complex. GB family drink this

Fino Añada 2010 (Finite Wines) 16%
A damper, cooler year than normal, fairly pale, hint more acidity than 2011 but very clean and fresh

Fino Añada 2011 (Finite Wines) 15%
A dry year, ½ normal rainfall, fuller, drier, slightly darker and nuttier, touch more acetaldehyde

Amontillado (Solera Reservada) 19%
From a Wisdom & Warter solera, over 40 years old, fragrant, nutty, classic, charming, long

Palo Cortado (Solera Reservada) 21%
20 years average age, mosto yema, fresh, clean, light, smooth, very long and super elegant

Oloroso (Solera Reservada) 21%
Over 40 years average age, deep mahogany, full yet elegant, well integrated oak, very long

Oloroso Alfonso 1/6 (Finite Wines) 22%
Over 40 years old, 6 butts aged statically after removal from solera, full, fairly crisp, intense yet elegant, very long, delicious, classic

Dulce Palomino (Solera Reservada) 16%
31 years static ageing (añada) 280g/l sugars, lighter than PX, super smooth, deep colour, toffee…

Moscatel Pio X 1903 (Finite Wines) 9%
Made before Phylloxera, probably in the 1860s from ungrafted moscatel menudo vines), butt dedicated to Pope Pius X in 1903 (a common practice then), from 90 litres remaining in 700 litre tonel, 700g/l sugars (!), almost black, stains the glass, viscous, intense, incredible balance and smoothness, absolutely delicious, served in pipettes as quantities are so limited. Only 100 bottles released, just 4 in Spain – at 1,800€ each - remaining 20 are in the firm’s historic “botellero”.

GB is considering the release of other treasures like the PX Tio Pancho “Romano”, the oldest wine they have, dating from 1728 or the Solera Trafalgar dating from 1805, both predating the firm’s foundation (1835), but in tiny quantities up to just 150 bottles and inevitably at very high prices.

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