Thursday, 26 October 2017

Manzanilla pasada Solear en rama Verano 2017 15%, Barbadillo

Bright strawy gold with golden highlights.
There's a lovely dryness on the surface with straw and dry scrub baked in the summer heat and even a trace of that smell of just-ironed laundry. Yet behind there is a more humid feel with marine salinity and very refined traces of oxidation. It is very complex and really shows how the aroma of flor varies seasonally, and it is thinnest in summer.
Packed with flavour. Dry with a slightly chalky texture, a lovely bitterness and perfect acidity yet all those seaside characteristics are there, and those too from the bottom of the butt. It has the perfect balance between oxidative and flor notes, and is just delightful.
Delicious wine, and the only en rama which is regularly released seasonally. It has about eight years of average age and is selected from the best 15 butts out of 550 in two scales in the El Potro bodega. These are refreshed with Solear at six years old and each saca amounts to 1,500 litres or about 4,000 half bottles. The rest of the wine is aged further to feed the Amontillado Príncipe solera. What is lovely about this wine is that every release is different and you can follow the flor's activity in the butt all through the year and see how the weather affects it. This is just one of the factors which makes Sherry so unique and interesting. And then there's even more fun re-tasting it a year or two later to see how it develops in bottle.
15.25 euros per half bottle, Licores Corredera

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