Tuesday, 24 October 2017

24.10.17 Official Spirits Figures

The Spanish ministry of agriculture, fisheries, food and the environment (MAPAMA) has announced the figures for spirits for 2016 covering the 19 Indicaciones Geográficas (IG, equivalent of DO) reporting a rise in sales of 5.8% to 19,597,482 litres. This increase is due to better sales on the home market while export sales dipped. Brandy de Jerez is the clear leader with 54.6% of total sales thanks to being by far the largest exporter. Total spirit sales value was 135,115,262€ of which 59.4% was Brandy de Jerez with a value of 80,254,298€. Of the 19 IGs in Spain, Brandy de Jerez is way ahead with production of 10.7 million litres of which 7.4 million were exported.

Traditional pot stills or alambiques

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