Sunday, 8 October 2017

Brandy Gran Garvey 38% Solera Reserva, Bodegas Garvey

Deep mahogany fading to amber with bright copper highlights.
Forthcoming rich and full with lots of sweet notes of Oloroso, light toffee and dried fruit balancing a hint of walnut and aromas from the oak. Plenty of holandas with a slightly stoney hint of aguardiente as should be expected, and there is a certain lusciousness.
That rich sweetness is now balanced by some oak tannin giving texture which adds to the slightly pulpy dried fruit and gentle tobacco notes. Some sweetness must have been added (legally) but it rounds off what is quite a hefty full-on brandy with no shortage of character.
Garvey were among the pioneers of the sale of Jerez Brandy, especially William Garvey's son Patricio. There is an invoice dated 1825 in the firm's archives. The age of the soleras certainly helps with the quality of the product, and Garvey brandies were among the leading brands. For a Solera Reserva, this has real character and is good value for money.
10.89 euros from Licores Corredera

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  1. Do you have any bottles left of Gran Garvey Solera ?