Friday 2 September 2016

Trips to the Heart of the Vineyards

They say that you don’t realise what you have until you lose it, but the intention of Salvador Pineda, who runs Rutasiete tours is to ensure this doesn’t happen to Jerezanos and to show them their surroundings, which surprisingly many are unaware of. “We live in a beguiling province. Only an hour from Jerez there is impressive and varied countryside but most people don’t realise this. The province of Cádiz is truly privileged,” he says, adding “it doesn’t only happen here, many people don’t know their surroundings, and even though they are nearby they don’t visit them.”

Therefore, for the third year, Salvador will be present at the Fiestas de la Vendimia to take people who so desire in a 4x4 car to the vineyards and surrounding areas traditionally associated with wine on trips normally taken by tourists, so that locals can get to know what made Jerez famous.

Salvador Pineda (foto:diariodejerez)

The trips will take people directly to the heart of the harvest where they can admire the vineyard slopes and the bunches of grapes awaiting harvest. This environment is hard to match with its old vineyard houses and winding gullies, and here they can watch the harvest at first hand in the Pago Macharnudo, often referred-to as the “grand cru” of Jerez. The tour takes three and a half hours starting from the Plaza del Arenal.

Salvador hopes people will fall in love with their surroundings. He has spent 20 years in the tourism industry, and three years ago set up Rutasiete which offers various routes throughout the year and throughout the province. “Rutasiete is another way of getting to know Cádiz,” he explains, “I try to sell people the whole province, not just Jerez, we want people to love it and come back again.”

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