Thursday, 8 September 2016

Fino Una Palma 15.5% González Byass

Bright yellowy gold with traces of gold and green, legs.
Fairly pungent flor with an attractive bitterness and traces of almond, sourdough, straw and a trace of dry scrub.The various olfactory components are beautifully h armonised yet it still grabs the nose and insists you drink it.
Quite intense with  a little more body and bitterness than Tio Pepe, being at least a year older, and very slightly leaner with a decent acidity and a very slightly salty tang which drive the flavour. There is the tiniest trace of fruit there too.It is good and dry with a long clean finish.
This is the 28/10/15 saca and the wine was selected by Antonio Flores and Michael Schachner, a member of the tasting panel of Wine Enthusiast magazine. It was said to have taken a lot of chalk and shoe leather to select the three best butts out of 142 (numbers 114, 78 and 10) but the result was most successful. 2015 was a fairly mild summer as the hot, dry Levante wind was balanced by the cool, more humid Poniente wind resulting in aromatic elegance in the Finos thanks to there still being a good level of flor. The grapes came from the pagos Carrascal and Macharnudo and the wine spent six years under its velo de flor, and has marked Tio Pepe characteristics, if more intensity.
13.50 per 50cl bottle at Licores Corredera

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