Thursday, 22 September 2016

Amontillado 17.5%, Viña Santa Petronila

Amber-tapaz with coppery tints, legs.
Quite a generous nose and fragrant with traces of nutty sweetness and some age with traces of spice; cinnamon and vanilla, an earthy note and American oak. Very attractive.
Fairly full with gentle traces of warm spices such as cinnamon interlaced with toasted almonds, hazelnut and oak. There is enough volatile acidity to give bit of bite and balance the glyceric sweetness leaving a  very classy wine with real character and length.
This is a really good wine and it is probably somewhere around 15 years old. It comes from the smallest bodega in the Marco de Jerez, an XVIII century casa de viña surrounded by its vineyard, with its tiny bodega where everything is done by hand. The wine is contract bottled en rama.
25.75 euros per 50cl bottle from Licores Corredera

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