Saturday 10 September 2016

Fino en Rama 15% May 2015, Fernando de Castilla

Fairly full brassy straw with gold highlights, legs.
Full, deep, very interesting and attractive with a savoury, distinctly nutty edge. There are some some dry scrub flor notes and traces of straw and polished metal along with slightly buttery hints of oxidation and cabezuela. This is really good.
Quite intense, almost concentrated, there is a lot going on here. It is very dry and there is a decent tang of acidity and plenty of bitterness, even a trace of salinity, all rounded off by a note of very slightly malic oxidation and contributing to terrific length and a very clean finish
This delicious wine is a blend of Finos from two soleras: the standard Fino Clasico solera at around 5 years of age and the Fino Antique solera, at nearer 9 years of age, which makes for a very interesting wine. Like all the bodega's better wines, it is entirely unstabilised. Bottled in Spring and Autumn when the flor is at its healthiest, under a screw cap. The firm's first Fino en rama, released in 2013, was for the popular London Sherry bar, Drake's Tabanco. It is nice to have the opportunity to taste the wine a year after bottling - 6 months after they recommend you to have drunk it - and see how well it is developing. I reckon this 6 months thing is just for consumers who might find the wine a bit too intense and not enough like the stabilised Finos they are used to. 
11.70 euros per half bottle from Licores Corredera

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