Sunday 25 September 2016

25.9.16 Good News for UK Sherry Lovers!

Now that Sherry is beginning to recuperate its rightful position in the UK market, aficionados of the outstanding wines of Jerez will be pleased to know of a source of genuine “proper” artisan Sherry, produced by hand in small family owned bodegas and in very limited quantities. The wines range in style from bone dry Fino to the equally dry Oloroso VORS with an average age of 45 years. Most of them are dry but there are sweet ones too, and all are top quality. Currently the focus is on a range of wines from each of two classic bodegas; Urium and Faustino González, both in Jerez.

Sherry Educator and lover Helen Highley of the blog has for some time been importing these wines for the trade but is now offering them to the public as well through her website The online store launches on the 30th September with, amazingly, no minimum order. These wines are superb, so come Friday, your chance to order some of these amazing wines will be here!

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