Friday, 30 May 2014

30.5.14 Kids Learn Venencia; Orden de la Solear

Children in Jerez are being taught the art of the venencia. During the harvest festival (Fiesta de la Vendimia) there will be a venencia competition for primary 3 and 4 kids organised by the Consejo. It is felt very important that children grow up knowing something about the city in which they live and what made it so famous, and about potential jobs in the future.

Kids learning the art watched by Beltran Domecq (foto + Jerez)

 Barbadillo has chosen 12 people this year for induction into the Orden de la Solear. Every year this event recognises people who have done much to promote Manzanilla. The two most notable are the president/editor of the newspaper ABC, Catalina Luca de Tena and Peter Liem, who with Jesus Barquin of Equipo Navazos fame, wrote an excellent book about Sherry.

Peter Liem (r) being inducted (Foto Voz Digital)

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