Friday, 16 November 2012

16.11.12 Queen in Jerez; More Rumasa Nonsense

The Queen of Spain, Dona Sofia, will today play host to a lunch and visit to bodegas Gonzalez Byass for the “First Ladies” of Latin America, whose husbands are attending the XXII Ibero-American summit, being held in Cadiz. The summit will be presided over by the King, Don Juan Carlos, and his son Don Felipe the Principe de Asturias, and its theme will be to restore good relations in the bicentenary of the Constitution of Cadiz. Along with Latin American heads of state and of government, those of Portugal and Andorra are attending. 
I just hope the First Ladies don’t see (or smell) the effects of the dustbin men’s two week strike!

The Ruiz Mateos family is suing Joaquin Yvancos, the ex Rumasa chief of accountancy for 28 years for  "grave calumny and falsehood” published in El Mundo.  They accuse him of trying to evade possible penalties for his part in the Rumasa empire as chief executive, and of extorsion.  Meanwhile the husband of Begona, Ruiz Mateos’ daughter is suing her 6 brothers, accusing them of evading VAT payments of 12 million euros among many other types of fraud. 
Dear oh dear!

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