Wednesday, 14 November 2012

14.11.12 Amid strikes, some good news

The bad news:
Today was 14N. The 14th of November, and the day chosen by the trades unions in Spain to hold a national strike against the cuts, the second under the government of Mariano Rajoy. The unions said it was a success, with 80% going on strike, while criticising the  over-policing of the event, but the Government said everything was comparatively norma, and disputed the unions' figuresl. Meanwhile in Jerez the dustbin men have been on strike for nearly two weeks, and there are piles of rubbish everywhere. The strike which is over reducing council costs, seems intractable. Something will have to give soon though…

The good news:
The Copa de Jerez national competition has chosen Madrid restaurant Il Bambino to represent Spain in the international competition. The Copa de Jerez is awarded to the best menu married with Sherry.

The chef Angel Vellon produced three courses accompanied by wines chosen by sommelier Ivan de la Torre. The menu is as follows:
First course:  a dish based on artichokes with an oloroso foam with crisp ham, accompanied by Fino  La Panesa from Emilio Hidalgo
Second course: a terrine of duck confit accompanied by Williams & Humbert’s Dos Cortados Palo Cortado
Dessert:  Fantasy sorbet Romate, with Sanchez Romate Old & Plus PX
The panel of judges includes Beltran Domecq, president Of the Consejo Regulador Jerez. The final will be celebrated in Jerez next year.

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