Thursday, 7 December 2017

Palo Cortado Horizontal 20%, Las Botas

Bright chestnut tinged deep amber with copper and gold highlights.
Refined, elegant, sophisticated and fresh with distinct hazelnut and almond aromas along with notes of polished furniture, tobacco and caramel. There are gentle notes of exotic woods too, and the wine lies right between Amontillado and Oloroso, focused and generous.
Impressive on entry, packed with flavour, complex and attractive, perfectly balanced between volatile acidity and glyceric sweetness with a nice tang leading through to those caramelly nuts and wood flavours and a trace of vanilla. There is hardly any tannin and it has terrific length. Excellent.
This delightful Palo Cortado is a limited bottling of 850 x 50cl bottles selected from Bodegas Urium. The original mosto came from the pago Carrascal and the name “Horizontal” refers to the fact that the wine didn’t go through any awkward stages and seemed determined to be a Palo Cortado right from the first clasification. César Velazquez of Balandro Vinos and sommelier Raúl Villabrille marked four butts for their particular character and made a blend using greater or smaller amounts from each. The wine has an approximate average age of 28 years and was bottled in September 2017 without any filtration or stabilisation. 
31.90 per 50cl, La Tienda del Jerez

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