Sunday, 31 December 2017

31.12.17 ¡Feliz 2018! Happy New Year! Soleras Olvidadas

I would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year. Since it is a time of resolutions, my suggestion would be to drink more Sherry! Salud!

Francisco Yuste has spent years buying up old soleras of Sherry and spirits. When Pedro Romero went bust he bought much of its stock including Manzanilla Aurora, the Punto Azul brandies, ponche, rum and Moscatel Pico Plata (ex Florido Hermanos). Separately he also bought the Amontillado and Palo Cortado soleras of the Conde de Aldama. These date back to 1740 and the lost firm of Aguilar & Cia and were bought and cared for by Aldama until it was sold in 1927. The Palo Cortado solera consists of only 8 butts which were separated out from the Amontillado solera for their PC character and like the Amontillado the wine has an average age of 100 years.

Now Yuste has launched a special set of 4 bottles of extremely old wines and spirits called Soleras Olvidadas (forgotten soleras) containing 1 x 50cl bottle each of Aldama Amontillado, Aldama Palo Cortado, a 20 year old Ponche and a 20 year old rum. This comes from the Dominican Republic and has been aged in soleras in Sanlúcar. The ponche and rum are also branded Conde de Aldama. The bottles are hand-made, hand-filled en rama and hand-labelled. Only 100 of these packs are available at 288€ each at the bodega.

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