Friday, 29 December 2017

Fino Del Puerto en rama Spring 2017 15%, Lustau

Bright golden straw with golden highlights.
Forthcoming rounded and attractive with plenty of flor bitterness, the faintest trace of apple and a good salty marine edge. There are also gentle notes of seaweed and olive brine which add to the maritime picture and a delightful ozone freshness.There is a little body there too.
Full and fresh with that up front yeasty bitterness, those briny saline notes and traces of straw and bitter almond. It is a serious, complex wine with tremendous depth of flavour yet very fresh and approachable. This is very fine quality and has terrific length.
From Lustau's Tres en Rama range this representative from El Puerto was bottled in April 2017 with no clarification treatment whatsoever. It has an average age of five years under flor which remains reasonably constant throughout the year, and it really shows. It has a little more weight than a Manzanilla but many of their shared maritime characteristics. Lovely.
15.25 euros per 50cl bottle

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