Tuesday, 26 December 2017

26.12.17 González Byass Launch Vinos Finitos

Vinos Finitos is a new range of wines from “forgotten” butts and which therefore have considerable age and class. They haven’t really been forgotten, but have just been biding their time till the right moment arrived and will only be available in very small quantities. "Finito" means "finite"and is also the diminutive of "fino" meaning "fine". The first wine to be marketed is Oloroso Alfonso 1/6, a dry Oloroso of a style which the bodega refers to as “Oloroso Fino” because of its finesse on the nose, its innate elegance and its charm on the palate. This wine originally came from a solera which for many years refreshed the standard Alfonso solera, but over the years a capataz had separated out 6 particularly good butts. Only one of these has been selected for bottling by the firm’s oenologist Antonio Flores “with his nose and with his heart”. The bodega describes the wine as a “vino de pañuelo” (a wine so aromatic a gentleman would apply a few drops to the handkerchief in his breast pocket instead of using aftershave) and ideal for meditative sipping. It has an average age of over 40 years and a strength of 22°. The price at the bodega shop is 96€.

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  1. Alfonso is one of my personal favorites in the G-B line. Like it much better than Tio Pepe.