Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Medium Sweet 17%, Fernández Gao

Copper tinged mahogany fading through amber.
Lots of fresh fruity raisins and hints of figs and dates but behind that there are aromas of toasted almonds and traces of oak, all nicely balanced. There is an attractive freshness as well as a degree of sophistication in this wine which is a little different from the norm.
Sweet and raisiny up front yet fresh and fairly light, then a slightly more serious side makes an appearance, charged with traces of oak and almond and a hint of marzipan. It has a gentle texture and good length, finishing quite dry with no sign of cloying.
This wine is most attractive and slightly unusual. It is made from a blend of Amontillado - not Oloroso - and enough Pedro Ximenez to provide 100 g/l sugars in the finished wine. It sounds sweet, and it is quite sweet, but not as sweet as a Cream which contains at least 115 g/l sugars. It is this which gives it its character and charm, especially as the PX is younger than the Amontillado and still has lots of grapiness. The wine has an average age of 12 years. The quality of the wines from this firm is very good and they deserve the success which they will undoubtedly achieve.
24 euros per 50 cl ex bodega

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