Friday, 1 December 2017

1.12.17 Official Launch of Maximum Brandy; Albarizas Coop 40th Anniversary

Grupo Estévez has celebrated the official launch of its new Maximum Brandy 100% Jerez. For some years the firm has been keen that both fortifying spirit and brandy should come from Jerez rather than La Mancha, and this new brandy comes from their own 800 hectares of vineyards and is 100% Palomino. The idea is to make a brandy which faithfully reflects the character of the vineyards of Jerez. It takes 5 kilos of grapes to make just one litre and the spirit, based on the 2014 vintage, is aged in butts seasoned with the company’s finest Oloroso. It is released under the brand Marqués del Real Tesoro and is available now in 50cl bottles.

Hot on the heels of the 50th anniversary of Covijerez comes the 40th anniversary of the cooperative in Trebujena known as Albarizas. This coop, founded in 1977, has some 220 members with a total of 710 hectares producing 2.1 million litres, and supplies grapes to Williams and Humbert among other bodegas. In celebration of the anniversary, and for the first time, they are bottling their own wine, a range of Fino, Amontillado, Oloroso, young white table wine and mosto. A despacho de vinos will open on 4th December at the coop in the calle Jerez, Trebujena, for the sale of these wines. There is a total of 10,000 bottles.


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