Saturday, 9 December 2017

Amontillado Laureado 18%, Bodegas CAYDSA

Warm mahogany tinged amber with copper highlights.
Predominantly toasted almond with a little turron and a faint hint of caramel, then in the background there is a distinct salty note along with a gentle bitterness from the flor. This is a comparatively young wine so it is still obvious.
Quite full, dry and well rounded with a trace of glyceric sweetness. It is nutty with a toasted, almost smoky note  and that bitter hint as well as very slight traces of oak but there is little or no tannin and it has a long finish. This is an inexpensive, very pleasant to drink Amontillado with a bit of character.
CAYDSA stands for Criadores, Almacenistas y Distribuidores SA and it is the brand name of one of the Sanlúcar cooperatives, Cooperativa del Campo Virgen de la Caridad, so you can see why they use initials. It was originally a private bodega established by the Italian Francesco Bozzano, later bought by the growers. It also passed through the hands of Nueva Rumasa, during which time it was renamed Bodegas Teresa Rivero, but was bought back in 2009. 
7 euros, Er Guerrita

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