Monday, 4 December 2017

Fino La Barajuela 2013 Saca 2017 16% Luis Pérez

Bright light gold with golden reflections.
Full fruity and tangy with notes of candied fruit, stewed apple, wax, and doughy yeasty notes of flor. There are also faint hints of apricot, quince and straw. There is a higher degree of ripeness than most Finos due to slightly later picking and asoleo, but it is most attractive.
Rounder, fruitier and more generous than most Finos which are leaner and more bitter, but perhaps they used to taste more like this. There is also more glycerine and a slightly higher acidity with a note of minerality too making it unusual and most interesting.This is a really successful wine.
This is the second release of the 2013, now around 4 years old and further developed. It is the first unfortified vintage DO Sherry. The grapes come from old vines (over 40 years) in the Corregidor vineyard in the pago Carrascal near Jerez which has albariza soil in the laminated form known as barajuela. The grapes are picked slightly ripe than usual and sunned for 24-36 hours before pressing to ensure a decent alcohol level without the need to fortify. The must is fermented in butts with natural yeasts, after which it is aged statically as a vintage wine. The butts are filled to a higher level than most Finos to limit the flor and express more vineyard character. The previous release was in spring 2016 with an alcohol level of 15.3%, and that has now increased to 16%. There is much to be admired about this wine, but it is certainly not cheap, especially as this release is 50% more expensive than the last one.
45.40 euros, Licores Corredera

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