Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Brandy Oxigenado 37%, Diez Hermanos

Deep amber with copper highlights.
Gently aromatic and fruity with notes of date, raisin, nuts and oak along with hints of spirit and Oloroso which are all very well integrated. Quite lively and fresh and not too heavily sherried.
Attractive and tangy with almond and hazelnut and dried fruits following through and just enough Oloroso and very little tannin. There is a hint of nutty caramel sweetness and a certain freshness. This is not an expensive brandy but it is well made with a long clean finish.
This brandy was produced by Diez Hermanos from the late XIX century and was a very popular brand, continuing through the Diez - Mérito era, but disappeared, like so many brands, as a victim of Rumasa takeovers, in 1981 in this case. At one time it was advertised using huge metallic letters fixed to the walls of the Alcázar in Jerez, unthinkable now, but in fairness the firm did spent a lot of money on the restoration of the Alcázar in 1926. From 1909 till the 1950s the label bore a certification by a doctor recommending the "coñac" as a tonic, a common practice in those days, but it would never be allowed these days. The label does not state whether the brandy is a Solera or Solera Reserva etc and it is probably a Solera, but a very good one, with some 30 years in bottle.
38 euros for a litre bottle, La Tienda del Jerez

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