Sunday, 17 December 2017

Oloroso 17% Bodegas J Martinez

Chestnut to mahogany with copper glints to amber rim.
Walnut and toasted nuts with dried fruits, mainly date and fig, giving a hint of sweetness almost like Christmas cake. There is also a trace of oak barrels in the wine which is not dramatically complex as it is quite young, but not unattractive nonetheless.
Medium bodied and dry, but those dried fruit notes give it a certain gently fruity roundness with an open texture, and there is a hint of caramel. Again not over complex but good everyday drinking.
Bodegas J Martinez, also known as El Gato is a family business and the last bodega to make the classic Tintilla de Rota in Rota itself. They have a large range of products including vinegar, olive oil, honey and wine, including a range of Sherry style wines. As Rota is in the production zone, rather than the ageing zone, its "Sherries" are not covered by the DO, but are good nonetheless.
9.50 euros, Pura Cepa

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