Monday, 4 January 2016

Manzanilla Maruja 15%, Juan Piñero

Bright, paleish golden straw with light legs.
Brine, dried flowers and flor, gentle and balanced with marine hints in the background and a certain charm. Not a huge flor hit like some, rather it approaches quietly with a slight trace of candied fruit, an almost delicate wine, subtle and attractive for that.
More flor here, briny and bitter on entry, then it reverts back to its gentility. Dry and superbly balanced with a long very clean and elegant finish with a final flourish of flor.
Made with grapes from the Sanlucar Pago El Hornillo and fermented using native yeasts at the vineyard before being transported to the bodega and fed into an 8 criadera solera. There are 8-10 annual sacas. According to the label it is over 5 years old yet the website says 8-9, which do you believe? Well I believe my palate, and it's telling me 5. There is another older version.
5,90 Euros

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