Saturday, 16 January 2016

16.1.15 Junta Declares BIB Legal for Horeca

Having asked the Junta for clarification on the BIB affair, the Consejo has been informed that Manzanilla in BIB destined for horeca (hotel, restaurant, bar, catering) fulfils the requirements laid down in the regulations covering producers of Manzanilla de Sanlúcar, though the text needs to be altered. According to the current regulations containers for DO wines shall be made from glass or other materials approved by the Consejo which does not affect the quality of the product and with capacities of between 10cl and 150cl, leaving producers to decide on other capacities so long as they are clearly indicated on the label. However the regulations impose no restriction on types of materials and are thus not sufficiently precise, meaning that as things stand BIB is legal so long as it is clearly indicated that the wine is for horeca and not for sale to the public. The Junta feels that the Consejo should propose any changes in the legislation which it feels necessary so producers can be sure about the rules they must obey, but also feels that it is responsible for interpretation of the rules until such time as the text is revised.

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