Sunday, 17 January 2016

Manzanilla Fina 15% Viña Callejuela

Decent depth of colour: bright pale-ish strawy gold with some legs.
Fresh, full and soft, well rounded without overt flor - but it is there if you look for it, beautiful balance with a trace of bread dough and distinct maritime notes. There is a certain minerality, a floral trace, chamomile, lavender perhaps, and all beautifully integrated giving an elegant and sophisticated wine.
Very much like the nose, generous and rounded with a bitter flor tinge, notes of straw and the subtlest savoury hint, medium acidity and terrific length. This is delicious.
Made by the Blanco brothers from their own grapes grown  in the 15 hectare Callejuela vineyard (in Pago Hornillo, Sanlúcar). These guys do everything from grape to bottle, and they do it very well, partly because they have immense respect for their vineyards, which are beautifully cultivated.
Around 7 euros ex bodega. Quite hard to obtain outside Sanlúcar

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