Thursday, 14 January 2016

Manzanilla 1a Saca 2015 15%, Sacristia AB

Mid depth strawy brassy gold, legs.
Attractive, well developed and quite complex with forthcoming marine notes of salt, seaweed and the smell of seawater. There's lots happening here: slightly damp but not over-intense flor, and a trace of camomile - and is it just me but I get a trace of cinnamon? This is really a Manzanilla pasada with its very slight rancio hint and it is really quite mature and very interesting.
Full and quite intense with a very slightly buttery rancio character balanced by the bitterness of the flor and a decent acidity. It is so complex and ever evolving yet so easy to drink and has terrific length. This is a lovely wine which has aged and still is ageing well.
From the bodegas of Francisco Yuste, the wine was selected and bottled en rama there in July as the first saca of 2015. Antonio has chosen well. Normally the spring saca would have been earlier but the weather was reasonably mild before the (record) heat of summer hit. The flor must be pretty thin by now, one wonders if it is there all year round. A Manzanilla Pasada close to Amontillada I reckon.
Can't quite remember, I think it was 18 Euros for the half bottle and worth every cent.

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  1. Amazingly you'll pay less than this on-trade at one or two of the bars / restaurantes tipicos around Plaza Cabildo, 15 euros in fact...