Thursday, 21 January 2016

21.1.16 New Rules for Consejos Reguladores

On Tuesday the junta de Andalucía finally approved a new decree giving the green light to the calling of elections in the 29 Consejos Reguladores of Andalucía. These are normally held every four years, but despite an eighteen month delay this will continue. Also each Consejo will have to elect a president and propose their name to the Junta. The elections in Jerez will probably take place in May or June.
The last elections in Bodega San Gines (foto:diariojerez)
There are some changes in the rules, one of the principal ones being that bodegas which also own vineyard can no longer represent themselves as growers and bodegas at the Consejo, as they have done hitherto. From now on they can only represent their principal activity, a measure by which the Junta hopes to achieve more equality of representation between the different sectors of the trade and minority interests. On behalf of the bodegas Fedejerez had lobbied unsuccessfully against this.

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