Thursday, 7 January 2016

7.1.16 Junta Allows BIB for Horeca

The technical services of the Junta de Andalucía’s Agriculture department have given a boost to the Manzanilla rebels by issuing a statement which, at least up to a point, supports their use of BIB. It says it is legal so long as the wine is destined for horeca (the hotel, restaurant, bar and catering trade) which is regarded as “direct” consumption, as the wine is used to make sauces etc. and not for sale by the glass (at least officially). The Consejo Regulador has asked for clarification on the matter, which hinges on whether sale to horeca is or is not direct consumption. It has the power to dictate which containers are used for the wines it represents, and currently it does not allow anything other than glass which must carry its official seals. The Consejo feels undermined by the Junta, which is not really helping to achieve a definitive solution to the problem.

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