Thursday, 28 January 2016

28.1.16 #winelover to Visit Jerez; Earthquake

About 30 members of the international community of wine lovers ( of no fewer than 16 nationalities are coming to town to learn more about Sherry next month. This is to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the community which consists of professionals as well as amateurs. Their trip has been organised by Paladar y Tomar, specialists in wine and gastronomy tourism. All three Sherry towns will be visited and they are booked at Barbadillo, Delgado Zuleta, González Byass, Lustau, Gutiérrez Colosía and Osborne. Williams & Humbert are offering them a tasting of Añada Sherries, and the trip ends with a tasting of wines each member will bring with them. I hope they have stamina - they have a lot to do between the 10th and 13th of February.

They even have special T shirts!
An earthquake of 6.3 Richter struck on Monday. The epicentre was 20 km below the Alborán Sea, part of the western Mediterranean and it was felt along the Costa del Sol, luckily without any damage, but some was suffered in the Spanish enclave of Melilla on the tip of North Africa. The quake was followed by a 5.1R tremor minutes later which was felt as far away as Sevilla and Granada, followed by many milder ones. The African tectonic plate is pushing north and the area between it and Spain has seen much seismic activity. The Bay of Cádiz has many mud volcanoes and the area is no stranger to mild earthquakes. Let us hope seismic activity will not harm Sherry.

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