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Bodegas: José Mellado Martín

This family bodega was founded in 1974, though its founder, José Mellado Martín (born 1935) was brought up with the wines of Chipiona, where in many homes people used to make a little Moscatel, which has an aroma which never leaves you. The Mellado family was no different and José heeded the call to the wine trade. They bought their first bodega, called Bodegón Alobasto in the Calle del Castillo in 1974 and before long were producing 1,500,000 litres and bottling them.

The new bodega built 1990
In 1980 they consolidated with the acquisition of another bodega opposite Alobasto from Florido Hermanos and made this the centre of operations introducing their own brand, called the Playa Regla range, at the same time. Until then they had supplied Moscatel to the big bodegas such as Domecq, Garvey, Real Tesoro, Terry etc. They are now the largest Moscatel producer. In 1985 they launched the Moscatel de Pasas Soleras de la Abuela, a special wine made from selected sun-dried Moscatel grapes.
Moscatel sunning at the bodega
1990 saw the construction of another bodega sited in one of the firm’s vineyards – they own all their vineyard - just off the Rota road, and here they installed more up to date equipment. While they specialise in Chipiona’s famous Moscatel, famous since before Roman times, they also produce a good range of other wines, though they cannot carry the DO Jerez as they are aged in Chipiona. If you are in Chipiona you can buy the wine bottled or draught at the bodega or a two despachos (shops) in the Avenida de la Diputación and Calle Víctor Pradera. The firm is registered with the Consejo as a shipping bodega.

Legendary Chipiona-born singer and actress Rocio Jurado visiting

The Playa Regla range consists of:
Moscatel: Dorado, Oscuro, Especial and Pasas, each with different degrees of sunning and ageing
Fino, Oloroso and Cream

Address: Crtra. A-491 Chipiona-Rota, Km. 2, 11550 Chipiona, Cádiz
Telephone: (+34) 956 370 197

Visits? By appointment

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