Sunday, 30 December 2018

Tintilla Dulce Artesanal 2017 9.5%, Antonio Bernal

Medium to full depth blacky cherry red with some pink at the rim, garnet highlights.
Fresh and fruity with aromas of very ripe cherry and redcurrants and perhaps a background trace of rosehip. There are also some of those notes you only get from sunned grapes and traces of raisin and a faint spicy almost cardamom hint. Fruity, interesting and attractive.
Definitely sweet but not as sweet as the usual Tintilla. It is lighter and less viscous and tastes more like the grape itself unfettered by arrope and still with some primary flavours of the very gently tangy cherry fruit coming through. Raisin flavours are at a minimum and it tastes more or less like a normal red wine but sweeter. It is smooth with no aggressive tannin, and of course it doesn´t cloy.
This interesting and tasty wine is the product of the vineyard of one of the Mayetos Sanluqueños, the talented Antonio Bernal. It is a sweet wine made from 100% Tintilla de Rota grapes, but not by the usual method which involves the addition of arrope and which tends to have a brownish colour. He simply uses super ripe grapes with very brief sunning and adds a little alcohol to the fermentation which stops it at only 9.5% leaving a wine which is sweet, but not nearly as sweet as the standard version, with an attractive red colour and many fewer oxidative notes, much less alcohol and much more fruit. Only a very small amount was made (which would make it less of a pain to handwrite the info on each bottle!) and so it is only available in Sanlúcar.
9.50 per half bottle, De Albariza

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