Sunday, 23 December 2018

Manzanilla Madura en rama Afanas 15%, Callejuela

Clean strawy gold with golden highlights.
Quite complex and very saline and mineral, it definitely has that zippy steely seaside air of a classic Manzanilla along with notes of esparto grass and straw rather than the greener herbal notes of its youth. There is plenty of flor too and its bitterness is fading to a slightly more buttery character.
Fresh, crisp and slightly bitter, very dry and very tasty. Minerally and briny flor up front with those more dried grass and buttery notes following through. It has a very honest and natural character proper to wines both grown and aged in Sanlúcar along with the very earliest stages of developing into a pasada with faint traces of cabezuela. Good length too.
This delicious Manzanilla is a special Christmas bottling by the Blanco brothers to help raise funds for the very worthwhile charity Afanas which supports people with  mental disabilities and their families in the Sanlúcar, Chipiona, Rota and Trebujena areas providing five respite day centres. The wine is not the usual Manzanilla Madura which is lightly filtered but an en rama version which is over five years old and sealed with a quality twin top cork. The label was designed by three of those cared for by the charity and labelled by one of them, Lidia who also signed the neck label.
8.50 De Albariza

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