Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Oloroso en rama Carvajal 18.5%, Carvajal Wines SL

Bright, clean mahogany fading to amber with coppery highlights.
Oloroso means fragrant, and the aroma leaps out of the bottle on opening before calming down a bit. It is quite fragrant with traces of caramel, leaf litter on a forest floor, fresh pipe tobacco and traces of old oak barrels along with a light saltiness, very savoury.
Quite full up front then it develops a lightness of touch, the elegant smoothness of a good mature Oloroso with no rough edges, though there is a light refreshing acidity. It is a very relaxed and satisfying wine and has that effect on the consumer yet there are some interesting nuances like exotic woods salinity and tobacco which slowly fade away in the good long finish.
Carvajal Wines was established in 2014 in Jerez by Jaime Carlos de Carvajal who worked at Finca Moncloa (Gonzlález Byass), Huerta de Albalá and Barbadillo. His idea is to produce classic wines from Cádiz, and the first release was the excellent red Cobijado, his own blend of various varietal wines produced by Barbadillo. This Oloroso was sourced from and bottled by Delgado Zuleta in Sanlúcar. It is described as an Oloroso as it used to be, the sort Jaime used to enjoy with his father 40 years ago.
21 euros, Licores Corredera

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