Sunday, 29 December 2013

29.12.13 Sherry Cosmetics; Jerez Olive Oil

A range of cosmetics made from Sherry grapes has been launched.  According to Jose Manuel Gavilan, commercial director of SkinWine Laboratories, research at the universities of Madrid, Seville and Cadiz has proved the efficacy of the products just in time to help celebrate Jerez City of Wine 2014.

What makes SkinWine products different is that they have two new natural properties: AHS (Alpha Hydroxy Sherry), which acts to rejuvenate the skin, and a Sherry Polyphenol Pool which fights free radicals which cause ageing of the skin. The firm is making use of otherwise under-used by-products of winemaking in Jerez.

Jerez, famous for Sherry, is now working on regaining its position as a major olive oil producer. Throughout the ages both oil and wine were equally important, but after the massive growth of wine from the XVIII century, olive oil got left behind as growers turned to more profitable grape production.

(Imagen Diario Jerez)
There are currently over 3,000 hectares of olive groves in the area, and at least seven firms producing oil, mostly from the Arbequina and Hojiblanca varieties, though Lechin, Manzanilla and Picual can also be found. These firms have decided to join forces to promote their product as “Aceite de Oliva de Jerez” (Jerez olive oil). While olive oil is nothing new in the area, most of these firms are, and they have connections to the wine business, with many olive groves interspersed with vineyard. This is partly because of the recent uprooting of vineyard to reduce Sherry production to match sales. 

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