Tuesday, 26 November 2013

26.11.13 Attempted Theft of Osborne Bull; New Art Installation in Jerez

Two men have been caught in the act of cutting down one of the famous Osborne bulls with the intention of selling the metal for scrap. The incident occurred near Alicante, and the prosecutor is asking for a five month sentence.

The Osborne bulls, of which there are about 90, are huge, made from galvanised steel sheeting supported on a scaffold. The total weight of these beasts is around 4,000 kilos. They can be seen for miles and have state protection.

A wonderful new work of art has appeared in Jerez. It is a 12 metre high photograph of Manuel Moneo, a famous local flamenco singer, which occupies the wall of an old (I think Domecq) bodega in Jerez. The artist is Juan Carlos Toro, and the work, which is to be seen in the Plaza del Cristo de la Expiracion, is titled “Presences”. It certainly has presence, and this sort of work is popping up in abandoned spaces in Jerez.

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