Thursday 11 July 2013

Tres en Rama Fino de Jerez 15.5%, Lustau

Like all en rama wines, slightly deeper in colour than everyday finos, and not quite so bright, a hint more yellow in that strawy gold, legs.
Full and deep, complex and tight with lots of flor, saline and almondy, dry with background traces of olive brine, turron and membrillo, even a hint of clove, but overall flor, a wine with some age real character.
Full of flavour, some fruit there, but briny almonds and flor bitterness predominate, balancing out low acidity, there is an immensely long, full, slightly savoury finish. Excellent.
Tres en Rama denotes that there are three wines in this Lustau en rama range, one from each of the Sherry Triangle towns; Jerez, Sanlucar and El Puerto. Each wine is bottled with minimal filtration and from one single butt, in this case from a solera of 708 butts located in the bodega Los Arcos in the centre of Jerez.The UK allocation is not more than 20 cases of 50cl bottles of each wine. This is the first release, chosen by capataz Manuel Lozano, and the bodega hasn't decided yet whether to release another saca in autumn, or release a bigger saca, say 3 butts, next year. Ooooh PLEASE! Don't drink this too cold - cellar temperature is ideal.
£ 14.50 (50cl)  from Drinkmonger, Edinburgh. UK distributors are Fields, Morris,Verdin.

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