Wednesday, 10 July 2013

10.7.13 Independent visits Jerez; El Trovador; Vinoble

Journalist Katie Manning, who contributes to the Independent and various other publications, is visiting Jerez to write an article on what the city has to offer tourists. She will be visiting the Arab Baths, the Alcazar, the Real Escuela and a couple of bodegas; Tradicion and Diez-Merito. She will also be visiting some of the tabancos on the Ruta de Tabancos, and have a look at the Sherry Cooking Classes iniciative. Antonio Real, local tourism councillor will be assisting her in her visit.

The original signed manuscript of El Trovador by Antonio Garcia Gutierrez has come home to Chiclana, where he was born, for exhibition along with other works and letters celebrating the 200th anniversary of his birth. The exhibition is called Garcia Gutierrez – the Triumph of Romanticism, and is at the Chiclana town museum. El Trovador, written in 1836, and which formed the basis of Verdi’s opera Il Trovatore,  has been stored at the Real Academia Española in Madrid.

The Mayor of Chiclana can't wait to open El Trovador

 Vinoble 2014, which will take place once again after missing out on 2012 due to lack of funding, will be reduced from four days to three. The event will take place from the 1st to the 3rd June. This reduction is the result of sounding out exhibitors and visitors, 80% of whom felt 3 days were better than 4, rather than for money reasons, although the Ayuntamiento de Jerez is still trying to put a final funding package in place. I would urge you to go if you can; it is a great show, in a great place.

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