Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Manzanilla en rama Deliciosa Saca Primavera 2013,15%, Valdespino

Strawy gold, darker than usual Deliciosa, very light legs.
Intense, lots of flor, brine, bread dough and bitter almonds, very fresh and very complex, something floral, camomile, dried flowers, straw, trace olive, interesting and attractive.
Decent acidity, fresh and deeply flavoured, all the above with a trace of autolysis for good measure, bone dry and very long, quite delicious - "deliciosa!"
Lovely wine, it just shows what damage can be done by filtration. This wine is made by Maria Isabel Estevez, Jose Estevez' daughter who is an enologist, although I am sure Eduardo Ojeda must have something to do with it too. It comes from one selected butt only, which supposes somewhere around 1,500 half bottles, and is the first release. It is made from Miraflores grapes and aged between 5 and 6 years (the same as normal Deliciosa) in a solera system consisting of 6 criaderas plus the solera itself. Given that it is available worldwide, allocations must be tiny. Let us hope they do more seasonal sacas, or bigger ones to increase availability.
£8.30 per half bottle from The Fine Wine Company Edinburgh. UK importers Liberty Wines.

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