Saturday, 1 December 2018

Fino 15% Wisdom & Warter

Paleish strawy gold with golden reflections.
Fresh and light with some youthful herbal top notes and more of a yeasty bready character from the flor rather than bitterness - though there is a little, and there are still traces of appley fruit in the background along with hints of esparto, minerals and a faint trace of almond.
Good and dry with a slightly chalky texture and a hint of bitterness, slightly more than on the nose, and that gentle fruit note to balance. It is very clean and fresh and is probably about three years old but a fully fledged well balanced Fino nonetheless with decent length.
Wisdom & Warter was established in 1854 and earned a good reputation for quality, especially in the British market. It was eventually bought out by González Byass in 1929. Nowadays only a few of the more basic of the original wines are available, and just from the GB shop. Some used to be available in certain export markets but I doubt they are now. It is a sad, rather long drawn out end to a once great name, but nothing unusual in Jerez.
6.20 euros ex bodega

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