Saturday, 22 December 2018

Fino Ceballos 15%, Primitivo Collantes

Fairly pale strawy gold with golden reflections.
Very fresh and clean and quite generous with hints of almonds and acetaldehyde, straw, esparto, traces of ripe appley fruit and a gentle yeasty flor edge.There are faint traces of wild herbs, olive brine and butter which make it all the more interesting.
Quite fruity at first then a hint of bitterness from the flor kicks in followed by that slight herbal note. It has a lovely dry chalky texture and a certain minerality leaving one in no doubt that it came from albariza soil.The finish is dry,well rounded, long, clean and satisfying.
This attractive Fino is produced from Collantes´ own 55 hectares of vineyards on albariza soils in Chiclana which is located in the production zone, though it is very likely that Chiclana will be redesignated as crianza zone in 2019 if the proposed changes to the regulations take place. The bodega has been in business for over a century and is very go-ahead producing excellent "Sherries" and fine table wines like Socaire and Matalian. This is their entry level Fino, 100% Palomino and aged  in solera for over three years, and very reasonably priced.
4.50 Licores Corredera

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